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About Shtiliana Andonova
name: Shtiliana Andonova
registered 28.06.2013
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Albums ofShtiliana Andonova
Nature friendly
(3 photographs)
Nature friendly
Album contents 3 photographs. There is no description.
03 Jul, 2013 Shtiliana Andonova
Букви на склад
(16 photographs)
Букви на склад
Album contents 16 photographs. There is no description.
17 Jul, 2013 Shtiliana Andonova
In Circles
(8 photographs)
In Circles
Everything is going round in circles. Not only mary. Every year an old stadium turns into a fair. A small village waits for it. Every year a man waits for the summer to come to open his shooting gallery. Anather one is doing candy-floss with one hand, turning it in circles. Here is a a part of a cycle. This summer another mary-go-round has made its circles.
03 Dec, 2013 Shtiliana Andonova